How I saved money by switching cell phone providers

I’ve always been envious of people in the States with their cheap cell phone plans. But lately I saw an ad on Facebook for Public Mobile and I finally switched out my decade-old cell phone plan.

I’ve been grandfathering our current cell phone plan for years. My husband and I paid $25/month for unlimited talk between us, and unlimited text messaging, and we had 200 minutes to use for other things. We used to pay for 100MB of data on my phone for $10/month, but I got rid of that about a year ago to save cash, since I didn’t really need it. I just downloaded Google maps and used free Wifi when I could. Though I have to say, I missed not being able to check prices when I was shopping, and although I had free picture messaging, I couldn’t use it if data was shut off. And my friends couldn’t message me through Facebook.

I periodically looked into other plans, but usually just getting a plan like we had would cost $40 – $50 per person, whereas I was covering both of us for $50/month. So we just made due.

Then one day I saw an ad on Facebook for Public Mobile and checked them out. And lo and behold, I could get unlimited talk to anyone Canada-wide, unlimited text messaging, and 1GB of data to boot for just $25 each! While I wasn’t “saving money” on the plan per se, I was definitely getting better service bang for my buck. And now that we have data again, it’s been lovely to read the news or my blog feed while I’m out and about waiting around for things.

Before I left Telus I asked them if they could give me some sort of deal to get me to stay — such as a new phone, or a better price. But they wouldn’t. They said if I went to Public Mobile (which is owned by Telus) that I wouldn’t get the same customer service. I was totally fine with that, since customer service never helped me anyway.

We’ve been so happy with the switch. The reception is just as good as it was with Telus (they’re using the Telus network after all), and the unlimited talk has been very convenient, as we no longer have to fill our long distance calling card. The one caveat is that the data is 3G, but we only use it for blogs, news, maps, and comparison shopping, so haven’t really noticed any issues with it.

One other happy benefit of switching: Public Mobile is a pre-paid service, so it’s impossible to get overage charges! If I use up all my data, it just cuts off until I add some more, so there’s no surprise bills. (This happened to me once at Telus when my phone couldn’t get a good Wifi signal and switched to using LTE to play music to my son all night…. that cost $100+, but I talked them into wiping the charge. So I guess customer service was good that one time, heh).

Oh, and another thing: Public Mobile has all these crazy little bonuses. Like $2 off per month for setting up automatic payments, and $1 off per month for a referral, and the price goes down each year you stay with them. So awesome! If you’re interested in switching to Public Mobile, please support this blog and use our referral code QKOV45 on signup!

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